Sunday, May 24, 2015

Closing down for awhile!

If you've been following along on our playschool adventure, you may wonder what has been happening since the last post in NOVEMBER??!  Well, I was really sick, then our new baby arrived in January, we were in Florida in March, and we had some play dates at Countryside in April & May :0)  I thought I would have the energy to keep up our play dates about every other week through the summer & then start Countryside up again in the fall, but I do not.  Our 5th precious little one will probably be 3 before I consider opening again, but that is ok - I have LOVED this - but - it is time for me to just focus on my family & the 3 R's.  Josie is reading well even with our hit & miss schedule this past school year & Ben is coming along great & is very motivated to do whatever his big sis is doing.  Baby Malachi is just starting to get into a bit of a routine, but sleep is often lacking for me & Papa J!

I have sold almost everything already, but here are a few pics of random things I still have for sale:
dishes, $3
Emmaljunga stroller, $50

little tykes picnic table, $5

Melissa & Doug floor puzzle, $3

paint cups lids & brushes set of 10 (I found the 9th cup but I am missing 1 cup & 3 brushes!), $5
Also, the red dish pans we used for cubbies, $1/each, I think there are 8 of them

Language Lessons for Little Ones (Queen Homeschool), $8

Mystery of History 1, $20

Let me know asap what you would like & I'll bring it to Quincy on Wednesday!  Thanks!


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Share Feast & last day of 2014!

Silas & Ruth making their lanterns for Martinmas

Macey working on her lantern

Miss Abbie came to help - here are I & E making theirs

We had a great morning & lots of friends for lunch & to play!  Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon!!!
Miss Shannon

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

First Play Day!

Emma & Rachel water color painting

Moms chatting!

Lots of sweet little ones came to play, too!

More to come!  Having a bit of an internet problem so hopefully soon!  I've had a great time visiting with so many moms :0)  See you all again soon after the baby comes!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Repost: We will now be meeting as a play group - starting next week!

We are now planning to meet every other week as a family play group, instead of a tuition based drop off program!  This will allow more families to participate & get to know each other as they begin homeschooling younger ones, as well as give my pregnant brain & belly a chance to rest ha ha ;0)

For October then, we will meet the 14th & 28th from 10-1pm.  Come & go as you like, bring a lunch & bikes/trikes if you want - plenty of room for everyone but keep in mind our classroom & playground is best suited for ages 2-8.  Each family is responsible for their own children, but we can all watch out for each other to make sure the children are safe & happy.  Play clothes are best as we'll have paint, play dough & mud available!

Feel free to invite friends who are not in QACHE but may be considering homeschool - it will be a great way to meet other families & feel connected & supported right away.

See ya'll soon!

Week 3 - Dental visit!

A dental assistant from Advanced Dental came to talk to us about taking care of our teeth!

There was apparently a lot of sharing about what drinks everyone likes & how much sugar is in them!

Some healthy food choices :0)

Gigi & Sofe have been loving the chalkboard & writing!  Kai-Kai looks very relaxed in his rocking chair....

Zach D. - our local architect!

What's in there??

Week 3 I was home, still sick - but Miss Abbie & Miss Jamie carried on & it sounds like they had a wonderful day :0) 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 4 - stay tuned for day 3 pics!

After the dentist visit last week we decided to talk more about bones! We took apart a skeleton & his squishy organs & had a blast trying to put all the pieces back together ;0)  Josie is showing Kai Kai, Isaac & Zach where the pizza goes after it leaves the stomach....

Miss Jamie tracing around Sofe so she can either add her bones & organs or her clothes!

Here's Emma making a skeleton out of q-tips & black play dough!

Ezra really loved this one, too - hope all that black comes off clothes & hands eventually.....

More squishy skeleton fun!  Isaac is showing just how elastic the intestines are - ewwww!!

Zach D. knows where everything goes :0)

Rachel adding clothes to her outline

Ben can't get enough of the picasso tiles & making roads these days

Gigi & Josie working on their outlines

Miss Jamie tracing around Allana

Sofe & Ezra really enjoyed tracing around the toys & other shapes

Zach S. also loves the Picasso Tiles - will we need another set??

Ruth & Ezra working with the playdough

Emma adding bones to her outline...

...& a backbone

Kate had JUST finished lining up the Lori train puzzle & putting in all the numbers!  I was too late for a picture of it but at least this reminds me what she was up to ;0)  Ezra added pegs to it when they got it all cleaned up...

Rachel & Allana's turn with Picasso Tiles

Ruth daydreaming :0)

Do you think Isaac can see me in 3-D??

Isaac & Kate working together to push the swing

Cattails are always a big hit this time of year - lots & lots of fluffy-ness!

Maybe Ruth was daydreaming about ladybugs?  There were a ton of them all over the playground this week...
Next week we'll begin our play group days - see previous post for details! 
Miss Shannon