Sunday, June 25, 2017

Day 3!

Mud Kitchen & water play

Rachel browning hamburger for pizza

Getting busy chopping on our first cooking day!

Zach, Reagan, Rita & Allana getting the dough ready

Emma chopping green peppers

Rebecca was the only one that didn't cry cutting onions!

Rana helping to stir - it was getting pretty thick!

Prek mixed colors with water this week - great fine motor practice with the pippettes!

Want a bite??

Ta-da! Pizza they made themselves! 

Ezra's first day - jumped right in & started on a pillow!

So did Ella - I love seeing these fabrics used again.  This one was originally from curtains I made for Abbie's nursery 23 years ago!

Rita looking lovely

Reagan has had weddings on his mind lately - this is a wedding cake made from magna-tiles!

Ezra still going strong

He stuffed it with wool & finished it - all in about 45 minutes!

The girls love dressing up as they work

Carding raw wool for stuffing projects

Zach & Ben loved the castle

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Day 2 of Summer Session!

Everyone wanted to do two art projects today - so we did a crayon resist and....

a chalk sunset (or moonrise depending on color scheme)

They turned out beautifully!

Building crawdad traps

Digging for just the right fabric

Rana found a comfy place to sew

A bit of dress up using the fabric scraps!

Gathering cattail sticks to build a teepee

Rebecca made a lovely cape/dress/skirt (depending on how you wear it!)

Reagan, Zach & Emma making chocolate milk ;0)

We are so thankful for this sweet creek!

Rita, Rachel & Rebecca hunting for crawdads

Ellie & Malachi mixing primary colors to make secondary colors - using toy animals!

Asher mixing paint

Malachi & Zach

It was another super fun day & we are all looking forward to cooking this Wednesday!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

First Day Back!

 After planting tomatoes we needed water for them - and the creek was perfectly close to the garden.  But guess what Kai-Kai found??  Crawdads!  So the rest of our morning was spent hunting for more!  Ben, Rita & Reagan searched the lower part of the creek....
 And Josie, Sofe & Rebecca found another one upstream!

Reagan loves the little frog they all worked together to catch

Rachel & our new pal

Rita thought he might turn into a prince if she kissed it ;0)  (He didn't!)

With all our outdoor adventures we didn't have quite as much time for our art class - but Rita & Rebecca had time for a chalk color wheel/elements drawing

Duct tape is a HIT - so much creativity came out of this area!!

Kai-Kai & Marshy preparing to sew

Rebecca made a lovely purse!

Everyone loves a mud kitchen

Pogo challenge

Prek experiemented with wet on wet watercolor & read Little Blue & Little Yellow (they hugged & made green!)

Marshy & Seths' big sister Seanna came to help & play!

Mr. Zach brought the crawdads & frog in to show the prek class!!

It was a fantastic first week!  I am already looking forward to next Friday & the new friends that will joining us who were sick or not able to come this week - Gabriella, Ezra & Simeon; Emma, Alona & Zach.  See you all Friday!!!