Saturday, June 16, 2018

Week 2

The Tuesday class made Father's Day crafts with nature finds!

We had a parakeet for a few days....My grand idea of starting a "pet library" fell through.  It would be SO fun to have a variety of small pets to rotate around so that everyone could get the experience of a pet without the commitment & expense....but a law-savvy friend strongly advised we not proceed, for liability reasons.  I would have loved to have this kind of program continue through our homeschool co op as well, but alas!  Not meant to be.....Tweaty Petey has returned to Petco if you are interested!

Major fascination with the old DVD player....I reminded them several times not to do this at home!!

We made s'mores in our solar ovens - much yummy-ness

Found this handy dandy cart for $1 at a yard sale - makes hauling water to the mud kitchen much easier.  Ezra was our water man on Friday...with heat index around 100F it was GREAT to have cold water & lots of shade so we could still play outside

Henry & his Hobbit feet

Malachi following in his brother Ben's tinkering footsteps....we go through a lot of tape!

Josie made this from the cattail leaves!

Everyone's a chef! Just like tinkering with old appliances, exploring in water & mud appeals to a very wide age range!

Laying out the leaves for her weaving project

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Week 1: Summer 2018

Our Tuesday class this summer is for ages 7-12 & we are delighted to welcome Anneliese Lindberg as our teacher!

Self defense/martial arts time with Anneliese

The children found 5 red-winged blackbird nests in the marsh❤❤

Our Friday class is for ages 2-12 - inspired by the birds we saw on Tuesday we painted goose feathers!

Using several nature books as inspiration for our feathers, we decorated them with both real & imaginary designs

As always, our tinkerlab is a constant outlet for these creative engineers!

Ben found a couple of empty bird nests & wants to make them into a little house for mice! We are toying with the idea of having a pet library where families can borrow small pets ie mice, hermit crabs, etc. for a week. 

Team work!

We need some rain for our creek! All this dry weather makes cooking in a mud kitchen kind of hard!

Mud lady ;0)

Painting with feathers!

Monday, April 30, 2018

The rest of April 2018!

We're on break for May, but while you wait here are the rest of April's pictures!
I started making little playsets for the books we read - this one goes with Eric Carle's The Secret Birthday Message (in honor of Josie's 10th birthday!). I also wanted them to see that they could make these too - so I used recycled cardboard boxes & a glue gun to make the house & cave.  The cards on the floor are from an old book I took apart - it's used to match the shapes (some of which are seen in the book).  I love Priscilla's pose here with her apple!

Here are parts from Going on a Bear Hunt - blue scarf for the river, tree blocks for the forest, wool for the snowstorm & blocks for the cave....slime or playdough is used for the mud but I think someone was using it when I snapped this!  The other one is The Doorbell Rang, a fun math book about dividing cookies (plates & cookies are in the little wooden box by the book, made from oven bake clay).

Mixed media is always a hit - here's some watercolor with glitter stars -and oh when the glitter is out EVERYONE goes home sparkling!

Asher & Ellie's big brother is on the track team, so on this day they were playing track races

A stormy looking day, but awesome for flying our kite!

Josie & Ellie found a rabbit nest!  The bunnies weren't home, but their fuzzy fur was still there....

A House for Hermit Crab book & playset - real shell with oven bake clay props that velcro onto the shell!

Simeon picking wild onions

Getting stronger & braver!

See you all in June!