Monday, July 31, 2017

Session 2 Day 2

Priscilla, Simeon, & Malachi love the trains!

New playdough - even the older ones still love to squish & experiment with it!

We found 3 birdnests in one tree!

Grrrr - tomato 'horn' worms have been eating our plants!  But we've eaten several green peppers & cucumbers from the Countryside Garden....

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Session 2 Day 1, July 19 2017

Josie & Breanna

1pt perspective chalk landscape

wet on wet watercolors

Prek getting ready for their art project

Walking tacos for lunch!

More creative mud heads :0)

Ruth made a mud man in a bowl!

Silas is making a shirt for his stuffed animal

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 8

Still fishing for crawdads & making sailboats for frogs!

Homeschoolers learning to walk in a line 😂

Good use for *almost* sour milk: fireworks!

A bit blurry, but lovely results

Chalk color wheels & the 4 elements

Magnatiles + Mirrors 

Malachi celebrated his 1/2 birthday Friday by bringing chocolate chip cupcakes to share! We sang & he blew out his candle :0)

Tin can phones!

We are so blessed to be able to use this space!

"Spy Club!"

Ezra & Allana

Chalk outlines on the driveway - I promise no one really got run over!!
So this is the last week of our first session! We've had a blast & I'm looking forward to our next 4 weeks together❤

Day 7

Homemade spelt waffles for lunch today!  We ate 1/2 gallon of blueberries - AND 1/2 gallon of strawberries - AND a quart of syrup!  :0)  They loved it & there were none left!

Thank you to the Hanchett family for loaning us your waffle makers!  Added with mine it made the cooking (& waiting time!) so much shorter!

A little sprinkle didn't stop our outdoor fun

A dewy spider web was found in the grass....

....and this sweet turtle!

A cozy spot for two friends to share❤❤

Sofi helped Marshy to finish the teddy bear for new baby brother

More quill & ink cursive - so lovely!

Sailboats were the theme of the week in tinkerlab - time to restock my popsicle sticks!

The girls requested more dress ups, so we brought in a bunch more from home