Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 3 - Gingerbread houses!

Found these for $1 at Big Lots & couldn't resist!  We used fruit & peanut butter to decorate though ;0)

Everyone was so into building their houses - and of course eating along the way!

Awesome idea with the tent, Silas!

Ta-da! Gigi's house!

Ruth really loves peanut butter & graham crackers ;0)  Kian was really concentrating on his house & I think he added a ton of strawberries!

Zach had a big window on the side of his house

Welcome back Mandolin!

Lots of finger lickin'

Ella really liked the Ninjabread men!  They were a bit stale, but no one seemed to mind!

This may be my favorite picture of the week!  Go for it Ezra!!

We played 'The Farmer in the Dell' last week & this week they wanted to play again but changing the words to the "Princesses in the Castle" - very hilarious & we added a knight, a horse, and lots of princesses

Here is one of our knights with a shield and sword!  We may have to make some um, sword shaped objects ;0)

Josie, Ella & Gigi worked on putting the days of creation cards in order - firmament is a big word!

Magna tile creation of the week - these things are so cool!

All ready to go outside!  Finally an organized way to make sure we all have everything we need to stay warm...

Ice sculptures - so easy, beautiful, and FUN!

And, we're official!  The church has been so sweet to us - I love having our little playschool here!

Miss Abbie showed me how to do Instagram, so if you want to see my family pics there I am MamaJ41

Next week we'll make lunch at school, and yippee!  Our family may actually get to Florida in February!  I'll keep you updated.....

Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 2, January 2014

Isaac peeling carrots for our homemade chicken noodle soup - I didn't get pics of the finished product - but I'll tell you it was delicious!

Josie & Kian were pals this week - and the magna tiles that Rachel & Isaac brought were a HUGE hit!  Thank you for sharing :0)

Silas made a playdough birthday cake for me, and it was delicious!

Gigi & Miss Jamie work on cutting up the carrots for our soup

pretend play...Rachel really likes our castle pieces

Zach built this!

Kian tries his hand at cutting up celery

Ben made airplanes with the magna tiles

Ruth loves squishing playdough!  She was putting little pieces in the ice cube tray

Ella & Gigi fix a little 'snack'

Love that smile!

...a castle

...and a floating is it doing that?

finishing our window winter scenes from last week

And here's Miss Abbie on her first day in New Zealand!  Isn't it gorgeous?  She's having a great time so far & is doing some touristy things these first couple of weeks...then our family friends will get back to school & she'll hopefully get busy teaching art & sewing classes and doing some midwifery apprenticeship :0)

Bring your lunch this week!  Cold again but we'll plan to go out for at least a little bit!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

First day of 2014!

Painting icy winter pictures (we'll turn them into winter scenes next week)

Blocks remain a favorite!

Welcome Sam!

Welcome Kian! He loves the tigers, cheetahs & other big cats ;0)

Tigger (Ben) loved hearing Sam's mom read to baby Charlotte

a truck on it's way to the farmer's market

Miss Jamie & Ruth made lots of great shapes with the geoboard! Ruth is joining brother Silas this session :0)

Zach's crocodile cage

Silas discovered how cool colored water looks on the snow!

mixing colored water

Ezra made this!  Very methodical in his building!

lunch - time to add in the last leaf of our table!

oooh, lots of mud...

...and just enough snow for some sliding & snowballs!

Yeah!  Miss Jamie is here to help us!

We had such a fun first day of 2014!  Welcome to our new friends and welcome back to everyone else!