Saturday, September 27, 2014

September 2014, Day 2!

Emma & Josie using our playdough to make gingerbread men!

Ben & Ezra get creative with the blocks & trains - love to see these two working together ;0)

Isaac & I started this castle, then others came & went to add their ideas - here is sister Rachel adding hers...

Zach D. loves the Picasso Tiles - I also love all the light we get through our window that shines through them up on our "platform"!

Sofe painting

Gigi is getting so tall - I need to raise one side of our easel!

Shaping clay into houses & other things...Ben really just wanted to pound his into a big flat waffle!  They will air dry & then we'll paint them next week.

Miss Jamie is always on hand to help :0)  She is my angel!

Lots of wooly bear caterpillars have been found lately - here is a house the boys & I built for one of them.  Rachel also set up a caterpillar house in the trunk of the Cozy Coupe car!

Zach S., Kai-Kai, & Ben working on the caterpillar house

Emma & Josie searching for water for the mud kitchen - thank goodness for rain boots!

This lovely lady was right by the creek where the girls were getting water - so pretty :0)

Not a ton of pictures this week - so much going on!  As of this posting I'm hoping to have Playschool this coming week for sure - I missed last week (week 3) for health reasons.  Feeling better though!

See you all soon!
Miss Shannon

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First day of 2014! September week 1....

New friend Kate likes the scooping jingle bells tray (I'm experimenting w/ some Montessori ideas ;0))

Sofe - and really everyone - love love love the Picasso Tiles.  Such a versatile toy & I love them on our desk where the sun can shine through them!

Kai-Kai made a cool ship w/ people inside!  He is also new this year :0)

We briefly retold the story of the 3 Little Pigs - then read a new version called "The 3 Little Wolves & the Big Bad Pig"!  We talked a bit about houses & Miss Jamie helped children to cut & glue & draw our own storytime we also made a list of all our friends at Countryside, and played "Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?" to help learn each other's names.  We even ate some peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies w/ 3 chocolate chips on top!

We marble painted in 3's, too: Papa Bear golf ball, Mama Bear big marble, and Baby Bear little marble

One of our new friends, Adley!

Adley is doing another Montessori-type tray: squeezing small sponges w/ a garlic press - great fine motor work!  New friend Zach takes a turn w/ the scooping tray

Another new friend, Emma!

Kai-Kai & Zach D. loved building together w/ the Picasso Tiles!

Here is Kai-Kai's younger sister Sofe - just a wee bit shy ;0)

Allana is Emma & Zach's sister - and she has a loose tooth!  See next picture....

Here she is showing Josie how wiggly it is :0)

Lunch bunch downstairs in the fellowship hall - much more room to spread out & bathrooms are handy!

We take up TWO big tables now!

Ezra giving new friends Adley & Zach a big push

The rain stopped in time for us to go out for a bit - Emma & Josie didn't seem to mind the cloudy weather :0)

Koley loved the rings - she is so strong!  Big sister is Adley

Zach D. looking tough with the periscope ;0)

Hi Ruth!

Sofe got a little chilly so Miss Jamie warmed her up in her jacket, & Ezra gets a turn on the swingy horse

It started raining again so we dashed back inside for one more quick playtime & water color painting before time to go home

We had such a fun day - busy with a wonderful large group but oh so fun!  I look forward to getting to know all our new friends & watching everyone grow & learn this semester :0)  It is a blessing to know each of you & your precious children!

Miss Shannon & Miss Jamie