Monday, June 23, 2014

A June Play Day!

The new playground!!  It is gorgeous :0)

Another angle

Josie, Tess & Bri loved the creek & mud the most - somehow all my pictures are taken outside!  I guess it was just so nice I never made it back inside ;0)  The big girls - 4 or 5 eight year olds spent most of their time in there dressing up & painting!

Bri, Alona, Tess & Gigi cooking up something yummy!  We had a lot of visitors, too, which was so fun!

Silas observes the cooking action

We had a great afternoon & I can't wait to do it again in July!  I think the moms had as much fun as the children - I know I loved getting to catch up with everyone :0)  Blessings & see you all SOON!
Miss Shannon

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Play day!

Coming up on Tuesday, June 17 from 12-2pm - a play day for the whole family!  Bring a lunch & a bike, and maybe a rake....we'll play inside & out & maybe even spread out some of the 700 bags of mulch on the new playground ;0)  This is not a drop off day, but if you are interested in one of those for July or August please let me know & I'll set it up!
See you all soon - missing you!!
Miss Shannon & Miss Jamie