Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22 - Feeling more like Spring!

Animals moving into their new home!

Building a maze for Ruby May (Rachel's guinea pig!)

2 x 2!  But, was there a train track in the Noah's Ark story?? :0)

Isaac figured out the logic puzzle - Miss Jamie offered her assistance!

The boys building swords with the new workbench

Tissue paper collage like Eric Carle (we read The Little Seed today)

Starting work on "Pharoah's Temple"

Zach working on a big wooden sword!

Light table play - so easy!  It's just a plastic bin w/ twinkle lights inside...we also put some water beads on top & those were really a hit :0) Dollar Tree find....

Kian adds a few finishing touches

And, the sword fight!  Fortunately it was short & no one lost any limbs - I think they decided about the time I did that it wasn't a good idea ;0)

Funny girls with their saran wrap heads!

"Frozen" play - they all seemed to know just what to do - except Josie & Ben!  Guess we're a bit behind the times ;0)

Everyone is sleeping - at least 4 or 5 of them!  Ella is directing the show!
Now that the crazy full moon is gone I think everyone is a bit more settled - last week they were all a bit squirrelly!  Another fun week & we are loving the warmer temps & getting to play outside longer :0)  No preschool next week!  We are picking Abbie up from the airport in Quincy!!  See you in May!
Miss Shannon & Miss Jamie

Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 15! New session began this week!

A very tall (male!) fairy came to visit us this week....the girls enjoyed dressing him up!
Ezra & Ruth match opposites cards

Kian experiments with white & blue to make a tint

Silas uses black & white with blue to make tints & shades

So much writing going on!

Josie & Rachel in the cave!

Mud kitchen weather - here's Ruth digging a nice muddy hole for soup

I think Kian is making green spaghetti (probably spinach noodles?)

At South Park in the afternoon - did everyone get the mud washed out of their clothing yet?!  They sure loved it though....

3 boys with their hats...

Ella is trapped in a tower like Rapunzel!

Ben is making tea for me :0)


Zach D. makes a shade of blue
Another fun week!  I hope to have some summer information out soon for you - maybe a short session somewhere in the middle?  Water days? Bike days?  And a new playground?!
See you soon!
Miss Shannon & Miss Jamie

Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 8 & goodbye New Zealand!

Here is our oldest baby, on top of a mountain in New Zealand!  She had an amazing time & headed back to the States April 2.  She is visiting family friends in Billings, Mt. til I can afford to get her home ha ha!  Hopefully next week....

Cleaning some of the wool we helped to shear (yep, that's our bathtub!)

A pile of dirty wool in my mudroom

Ahhh, clean wool.  Drying & ready to be carded & spun or felted!

I learned how to use a simple drop spindle....the yarn isn't perfect, but it will be fun to knit something with it :0)

Isaac & Josie putting color cards in order from darkest to lightest (hey, you can buy these in wood but I just use the samples from Wal Mart & cut them apart!)

Getting close....

The knight has a hammock on top of the castle - and see the stable?

I can't remember now what Zach & Gigi were doing but it was hilarious ;0)

Never too big for riding toys, right?!

Miss Jamie, my other brain, wrote "Post the Point of No Return! No Crossing!" on the driveway so the tricycle & car wouldn't build up too much speed ;0)

Today, April 12, is our mountain climber baby's 20th birthday.  The first one I've not been there for...so feeling a bit sentimental today....Wow, I'm only 22 in that picture.... 

Hope you all have a great weekend - see you soon!
Miss Shannon & Miss Jamie