Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First Day!

 We have pictures from our open house last week, but they aren't actually on my computer yet ;0)  We had a wonderful first day today - so much fun!  I think the open house was a great way for everyone to get a taste and be excited to come back for more.  We have a terrific group of children and families!
Ezra at the chalkboard

Our  class: Mandolin, Silas, Rachel, Josie, Gigi, Isaac, & Ezra. Today we had organic oat groats with homemade yogurt, blueberries, and honey for snack! 

Washing our cups...everyone loved this job :0)
Josie, Rachel, Isaac, Mandolin & Gigi love fingerpainting!  We talked about friends at storytime & read Little Blue & Little Yellow (they hugged so hard they turned GREEN!).

Silas & Gigi discovering colors

Rachel LOVES to paint :0)
Isaac was eager to see what would happen if we mixed our playdough, too!

More chalkboard fun

Josie was adding to Silas's writing!

Ezra enjoying the trains & trucks

Miss Abbie helping to hang some new shelves for the kitchen area

Mandolin marks where to put the nails while Miss Abbie & Josie hold it up...

Isaac did the hammering!

Who is this beautiful ladybug??  Hi Rachel!
I think Mandolin said she was "Tigris" (from Kung Foo Panda!)

Another lovely ladybug - Gigi!

We also read "When Fall Comes" & talked about things we do in the fall & the changing weather.  Here is Josie, Rachel, Ezra & Miss Abbie wet felting colored wool into little balls to make.....

Acorns!  They glued them into acorn tops - if you did not get yours today they will be dry by next week ;0)

Some funny tea?


We started our second outdoor time on the playground, but someone noticed the bridge - I think it was Isaac - so we all decided to hike up there to see what there was to do.  Amazing...they started collecting acorns, then they all played in the dirt til it was time to go!

Abbie & Ezra made an acorn racetrack & had a race

Ah, yes, Miss Shannon is actually in some pictures, too! 
Here we are setting up a tic tac toe board & playing with acorns & acorn tops - Silas beat me so then he got to play Isaac!
What a fun day!  Abbie & I loved playing and learning with your children today & are already planning for next week - see you all soon!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ready for the open house!

Our room is a work in progress, but by Sunday afternoon we were ready for the open house this past Tuesday.  I think it is looking pretty good :0)  I'm excited to get a little mud kitchen going outside, and the children at the open house were looking forward to helping Abbie hammer the outdoor table together to make it more sturdy!  Here are some pics:
Thank you so much to the church for letting us borrow the chairs!  I think I need to bring another leaf or two and make our table bigger already....

I love our window!  That desk underneath may become a loft if we can put a railing on it?  The cabinet on the left was taken out, but I am looking for a replacement!  We may paint at some point - for now we have a great blue scarf draped over the pretend area in the back left corner.

I love this rug, but it was too slippery!  I feels more like a blanket.  We just found some great shelves so we'll add those this week for a little pantry, and some hooks on the bar over the kitchen to hang pots etc.

Tweeters loves it here!  See the little wooden house we made?  Details on our learningtowaldorf.blogspot.com site.  So far Jam doesn't miss his trains....it will be nice to rotate things between home & preschool ;0)

A little reading corner

Art/science area for now...bottom has playdough on the right & a sunflower on the left so we can pick out the seeds to feed the birds
Another shelf is coming Tuesday & will be used as cubbies....then a coat rack the next week.  Better get that done soon as the weather is changing quickly!