Monday, August 14, 2017

Fall Sessions now enrolling!

Our first fall session will be held every Friday in September from 10-1pm.  Tuition is $60 + $5 supply fee per child.

Our second session will be every Friday from Oct. 20-Nov. 17.

We will consider adding an extra day per week if there is interest!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Day 6 - Last day of summer session!

Hopefully this video works - if not you can see it on Instagram under's pretty scary!!

They had so much fun racing! I'm just grateful no one crashed!!

Jasper, Henri & Ben enjoying the castle & knights

Josie, Zach, Allana & Emma put on a play about a burgler

We dyed our wool from last week - it turned out great!

We did the menthos & coke experiment - it exploded!

Mr. Zach was back for our last day!

So many sweet friendships made this summer - see you all in September!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Don't forget - TEACH Open House

This Tuesday at South Park, 630pm.  See you there!

Day 5 - Field Trip to Landmarx!

Fascinating embroidery machines

Printing our own Countryside Playschool t-shirts! Reagan got to go first ;0)

Zach had to show his muscles first!

Rita wasn't so sure....






Malachi getting a lift from Emma

Miss Julia

Miss Shannon

Ta-da!! Zach & Ben

Friday's class at Landmarx with St. John's Cathedral in the background 

Writing Thank You notes

Rebecca making another pillow :0)

Some pretend play....these guys still love to dress up

oops, upside down, but lovely thank you notes for landmarx

King Zach

I think Rebecca is carrying the King's scepter on her newly finished pillow

Running back to Landmarx to deliver our thank yous

Rachel helping Malachi with a mostly deceased butterfly

Allana peeks out of a cool fort (or beaver dam??)

Thank you again to Landmarx Inc. for the wonderful fieldtrip & customized t-shirts!  We all had a great time :0)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 4

Today we focused on fiber art - carding, spinning & fingerknitting raw wool!  Friday we'll dye it & do some needle felting...

Ben, Ezra & Jasper negotiating in the Tinker Lab

I still say the poems in this book as I'm knitting....I need all the help I can get!

Ezra helped me to hang a shelf

Jasper did really well knitting with these enormous needles!  I need them because I am 1. blind and 2. knitting impaired

Zach using the drop spindle to make yarn! We found it much easier to do in pairs & twist it, rather than actually drop & spin

Henri made his own 'spray on shoes' today!

Josie & Allana cooling off in the mud

Apparently we only have Hobbit children here at Countryside :0) Those hairy feet are the tell-tale sign....

Bath, anyone??