Sunday, December 10, 2017

December 8

Strings day! These guys caught right on

Zach needs a violin.....

Ellie invented her own string instrument! Wow!

The lap harp was novel & super easy to learn

Priscilla's an old hat - her brother's been playing for over a year!

Indoor 4-square? mmmk guys!

Deep lunch conversations

Outdoor painting

Emma kicked the ball way up there!

Kinetic sand came outside with us too!

Painting sticks....

Making a fort

Malachi almost always has marker dots on his nose & an bandaid somewhere :0)

Next week is our last week til February!!  We'll miss you guys!

December 1!

Kinetic sand!

Carding wool

Making woodwind instruments

Daddy's old trombone got a great workout!

Definitely some natural talent in the Snyder family ;0)

Asher has a lot of air too!

The flute is tricky - but so beautiful

I love this multi-age teamwork!

They made a flag for the cattail clubhouse!

What my children do at the end of the day :0)

Day 6? I've lost track! November sometime.....

Weaving dream catchers

Asher & Ben tinkering away

"Corn" Maze!

Ellie loves exploring in the reeds

Lunch bunch

Snow cloud!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Bonus Wednesday!

Kinetic sand

Carding wool - always fun to bring this out now & then!

They made trumpets!

Wet on wet watercolors

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Hiding in the tent with their inventions - and Ellie is playing music on the finger piano!

Soooo creative!!

We're adding 3 Fridays in December - all music themed! Let me know if you'd like to join us :0)