Friday, May 16, 2014

Last day of the school year! May 13, 2014

Miss Jamie & Gigi playing a fun garden game

Silas & Zach working hard on their drawings

Ezra building a cool block town!

Ben works on his block town - the tongue helps ;0)

Isaac is "fixing the pipes in my bathroom so my house won't flood"!

Ahhhh, a quiet corner to curl up with a good book

Rachel gets all the animals ready for the flood!  (maybe the pipes were really leaking - good thing Isaac was working on it!)

Isaac working with tangrams

Ben exploring various textures in playdough

Ruth must think I'm really really old!!

Silas adds the final touches to the pipes - while Ruth read the owner's manual ;0)

Do I look funny through that prism??

Another mud day!

Josie found a lovely feather for her hair, and is making a delicious pot of stone soup on this chilly day....good day for bikes, though....see them all lined up behind her?

We have a great mud puddle creek for water!

Jamie is full of awesome riddles - and Ella, Rachel & Zach LOVE them!!

Oh what a fun year we have had!  We've all really bonded & I will miss seeing everyone each week.  I'm hoping to have a play day at least once per month this summer - hope everyone can come & play :0)  I love all of our sweet families & will keep each of these precious ones in my prayers!

Monday, May 12, 2014

May 6 - Water & Wheels day!

No Playschool last week - time to pick up Abbie from the airport!

She survived New Zealand AND Montana - Josie (& all of us!) are SO glad to have her home again :0)  Her next stop is Michigan next month to do some midwifery apprenticeship!

The boys loved these water beads as pretend food

Perfect weather last week for bike day & mud kitchen!

The creek had just enough water to supply the kitchen ;0)

Painting with water is always easy fun!
This week will be our last week at Playschool til this fall - but we may have some random play dates here & there!  Hopefully the rain will stop long enough for us to ride bikes & have another picnic this week :0)  The playground may be up, too, so I'm looking forward to our last day of play & fun!

Miss Shannon & Miss Jamie