Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Day 3

Trains have become a new interest - so 'Engine Engine Number 9" was the read during storytime in the prek class....then they made these traintrack paintings!  Hopefully they remembered to peel the tape off to reveal the tracks underneath ;0)

#babieswearingbabies ha ha!  Never to young for an ergo!

Oh! These sweet tiny hands ❤
Bry added some beautiful chalk art to our walkway

Zach built a campfire teepee

Why? Well...I'm not technically savvy but I can at least tell these prek sweeties are engaged in their learning & play!

Faelyn, Auberon, Priscilla & Malachi enjoying their lunch on their handwoven & laminated placemats

Water Love
Thank you to everyone for your prayers & understanding this past week while I was hanging out at the ER Wednesday instead of teaching class!  Your prayers were powerful indeed & I am feeling much much better :0)  I am the most blessed teacher I know, to get to hang out with your children & get to know your families.

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